Do you want us to manage your apartment?
The highest profitability

If you have an apartment and want to get the most profit from it, let us manage it. With our reservation policy, you will ensure that your house will always be in perfect condition and that our tenants will take care of it as dearly as you.

  1. Flat on the beach or in the center
  2. New or refurbished flats
  3. The decoration is the least important, we help you give it charm
  4. Get the most out of your flat
  5. Our team pays a visit to check its aspect

Leave your apartment in the hands of Grandmother

Relax, we’ll manage it

Do not worry about the management of your apartment, leave it in our hands. We will take care of all the paperwork.

You will be part of a community

You will be part of the “The Grandma’s Houses” family enhancing the quality of your apartment under our brand and with its own identity. Grandma will be delighted 🙂

24-hour assistance to tenants

We offer assistance via Whatsapp 24/7 to our tenants, so we will take care of any problem or incident.